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Kenji Yamamoto is a prolific composer working for Nintendo, known for providing the soundtrack for several titles in the Metroid franchise among other games. He is not to be confused with a namesake composer who has worked on the soundtrack …

StreetPass Mii Plaza Update - Play Nintendo The official Nintendo site for kids. Watch videos, find games, take quizzes, read Nintendo news and more at Play Nintendo - a fun place for kids. StreetPass Mii Plaza's Latest Update Should Not Be Passed Up StreetPass Mii Plaza, a pre-installed app on 3DS and 2DS consoles, added new features which include 5 new games and a new platform design. SpotPass and StreetPass - Wikipedia

New 3DS StreetPass Games: Market Crashers » New 3DS StreetPass Games: Slot Car Rivals. Posted on February 20th, 2017 by Cary Woodham. Back in the late Summer/early Fall, Nintendo released a new batch of 3DS StreetPass mini-games.

StreetPass Mii Plaza Archives - Nintendo Everything Like with many other major releases, Nintendo has sent out a special developer Mii via SpotPass to StreetPass Mii Plaza on 3DS. This time, it’s Shigeru Ohmori, the producer of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, to celebrate the release of the two new Pokemon games. StreetPass Slot Car Rivals -

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The Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Games, ranked from worst to ... The Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Games, ... is prime territory for racking up 3DS Streetpass hits. Nintendo, ... you can get either Market Crashers or Slot Car Rivals for ... StreetPass Mii Plaza: Slot Car Rivals End (Becoming World ... StreetPass Mii Plaza: Slot Car Rivals End ... Trying the newest StreetPass Games ... Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Mii Plaza collection August 2012 ... Play Nintendo for 3DS Join in the StreetPass Update Weekend. ... just take your Nintendo 3DS system to a ... tags that you can use in all kinds of games. Slot Car Rivals or Market ... SpotPass and StreetPass - Wikipedia

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Slot Car Rivals (StreetPass Slot Racing in PAL regions) is a racing game developed by Good-Feel as a part of the StreetPass Mii Plaza.It released in the 5.0 update alongside 4 other games. The player can choose this or Market Crashers as a free game before purchasing the others. In this game, the player controls a slot car around various tracks. It's been a month since the StreetPass Mii Plaza update